Take Care Of Your Body for Everyday life Activities

This model is light, comfortable and made of breathable, high-quality suede leather. They are ideal for everyday life both outdoor  and casual walking activities.
The shoe has a non-slip rubber sole that offers excellent grip even on rainy days.

Walk with zero pain

Breathable Lightweight Suede Leather

Injury prevention 

Better foot stability

Protection of the sole

Support the natural shape

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Healthy Feet, Healthy You

Mr. Harris L. Conte, DMP, PhD is an orthopedic physician and has dealt with injuries of the musculoskeletal system since the early 1980s. He specialized in knee and ankle injuries and developed the ComfortPro® Shoes for Outdoor activities in collaboration with our engineers.
His mission is to make our everyday life a little bit easier. The world is yours with the right footwear. We all need better & pain-free shoes!

The ComfortPro HIKE® Orthopedic Shoes Technology

Extra Stable Arch Support

Doctors recommend shoes that support the foot´s natural arch. The specially designed stable arch support of our ComfortPro® Shoes allows pain-free walking, no matter how long.

Breathable & Wear resistance Special Fabric

The special material of the ComfortPro® Shoes ensures that constant airflow is guaranteed. The special design also creates an airbag under the foot, which relieves the joints.

Anti Slip TPR Soles

The shoe has a non-slip rubber sole that offers excellent grip even on rainy days, muds, sand.

This model is light, comfortable and made of breathable, high-quality materials. They are ideal for everyday life.

How Does ComfortPro® HIKE™ Orthopedic Shoes Work?

Shock absorption and arch support

Technological memory foam soles, are highly adaptable, able to move with your feet as you walk, and absorb many shocks.

Shapes your feet with cushioning

It makes it possible to walk more firmly and stand for hours without tension or imbalance. 

Built with high-quality materials

Correct posture and eliminate muscle imbalances by moving the toes back to the original position to realign the bones.

Designed by specialists and orthopedists

These sneakers are designed to outlast many summers with their high-quality construction.

Summarize The Benefits Of Wearing ComforPro® Orthopedic Shoes 

We find that some features stand out to users, such as:

  • Bunions

  • Arthritis

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Ankle Pain

  • Swelling

  • Knee alignment

  • Correct Foot Posture

  • Pressure Distribution

  • Arch Support And Cushioning

  • Heel Mold

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